What we do We turn product information into BIM Objects. By a single Mouse click...

“In BIM & More we merge our personal and effective approach with our customer's individual PIM and BIM strategy. That's why they love us and why they keep coming back.”

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Matthias Uhl

Matthias Uhl

CEO • Sales • PM
Silvia Bartels

Silvia Bartels

Sales • Back Office
Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov

Lead Senior IT Developer
Vladimir Almeida

Vladimir Almeida

Lead Interface Designer
Veselin Veselinov

Veselin Veselinov


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Johanna Carrey

“Unbelievable price-performance ratio. Create hundreds of BIM objects for really small coins. This fact will change totally the use of BIM objects in your company. Just give it a try.”

Paul Braddy

“It's awesome work on the edge of PIM, BIM and cultured coding. Casually it's a market communications revolution as one click puts what you want into your BIM object.”

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